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Why Retouching Services?

Our retouching services have been designed to provide a better way to edit and enhance images. We utilize cutting-edge AI technology to streamline the retouching process, providing fast, accurate, and cost-effective results. With our services, you can easily remove blemishes, smooth skin, brighten eyes, and much more, to create stunning images that accurately reflect your brand. Whether you're a professional photographer, a fashion brand, or a business owner, our retouching services can help you take your images to the next level, increasing your visibility and driving sales.

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Benefits of Image Retouching

cost-efficient outsourcing, exceptional suport and perfect results for thousand of image per day delivered within 24 hour or less by highly trained professionals

Improved Image Quality

Retouching services can enhance the overall quality of an image

Increased Visibility

A well-retouched image is more likely to be noticed and shared on social media, increasing visibility and attracting new customers

Time and Cost Savings

Retouching services can save time and resources compared to in-house editing


Build the Perfect Style Guide

Establish a consistent look for your product images with custom style guides. Simplify retouching by specifying guidelines for color, editing, image size, and more. Keep all style guides in one place for easy reference and future use on our platform. Ensure image uniformity with effective style guide management.

Professional Photo Editing Services with FotoPixelz

Every time technology swirls, new tools are developed. But to make it effectual, you need expertise as it helps to stick out and grab attention. Together, we can excel in the arena of digital photo editing, facilitating more productivity and flourishing business.

You can save the post-production cost, reduce turnaround time and get high-quality images if you outsource your images to FotoPixelz.


Get your photos edited for free

Upload 10 sample images and we’ll edit them for free - no credit card required


Streamline Retouching Approval

Streamline your retouching approvals with FotoPixelz. Directly review and markup images in our platform for fast and efficient approvals. With a 99.5% first-time approval rate, you can be confident in the quality of our work.


Explore Hybrid Image Retouching

Discover the benefits of Hybrid Image Retouching with FotoPixelz. Our unique combination of AI technology and skilled photo retouchers ensures consistent, high-quality images for e-commerce and editorial use. Experience flexible, scalable image retouching services to meet your growing needs.


Professional Retouching Categories

At FotoPixelz, we take image retouching seriously. Our team of experts, combined with cutting-edge AI technology, provides professional retouching services across a wide range of categories, from hair to watch faces. Lets us show you some of them.


Apparel Image Retouching

Trust us to be your go-to clean-up crew for apparel images. We review images for creases, wrinkles, alignment, dust, and more. No pins, tape, or fishing line will escape our eyes!


Model & Skin Retouching

Our team of specialized photo editors and AI technology can handle any stray hair or blemishes. Let us help you maintain your brand ethos with our expert retouching services.


Footwear Image Retouching

With over 10 years of experience and millions of footwear images edited, we can handle any touch-up needs, from fixing laces to adding logos. Leave it to us for flawless results.


Eyewear Image Retouching

Our standard sunglasses specification makes it easy to set retouching guidelines, focusing on removing unwanted reflections, fixing imperfections and highlighting details visible through the lenses.


Accessory Image Retouching

From ties and cufflinks to purses and jewelry, we can help you make your accessory images stand out. Our services include adding shadows, reflections, and color correction.

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You have questions, we have answers

Outsourcing the images to image editing service providers can be daunting and involve delays, misunderstanding, and frustration. Moreover, it is a creative work; thus, it requires clarity and patience both. You can avail our services for a stress-free result. You can ask all your queries from us related to the service we provide.

Generally, we can deliver images between 12-24 hours after receiving the images.For urgent requests, please specify when placing your order.

Well, we offer too many services to list here! Check out all our photo editing solutions.here

FotopPxelz are capable of handling large volumes of photos quickly and effectively.

Our experienced photo editors facilitate quick processing of bulk uploads. We are currently processing over 10,000 images daily.

FotoPixelz customers receive access to our help center, email support and a dedicated local account manager (for Enterprise customers).

We do not offer editing services for images that are not product-associated.