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Remove Photo Background with Ease

Backgrounds are the backbone of a professional photo, and achieving desired results can be reasonably tiresome. The time consumed in the process, not to mention the efficiency drop, can seriously dent the framework of Editing e-commerce. With AI power at hand, Remove Photo Background doesn't need to be a painful process anymore. FotoPixelz offers comprehensive photo editing services, including background removal. Our platform is designed to streamline the editing process and make your life easier. We understand the importance of quality images in e- commerce and are committed to delivering fast and efficient results.

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With FotoPixelz, you can optimize your background removal needs including:

File Outputs

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PSD
  • TIFF

Background Colors

  • Grey
  • White
  • Transparent
  • Gradient
  • Gradient

Advanced Services

  • Background Extension
  • Cropping and Scaling
  • Prop Removal
  • Clipping Path
  • Background Retouching

Why Opt For Background Removal Services?

The use of background removal services eliminates distractions and enhances the visual appeal of your product images. Furthermore, using such a service offers several advantages, such as:

  • Making it easier to change the layout of your product images
  • Improving product visibility on different devices
  • Allowing for greater flexibility in product placement and marketing materials
  • Photo Resizing

Professional Photo Editing Services with FotoPixelz

Every time technology swirls, new tools are developed. But to make it effectual, you need expertise as it helps to stick out and grab attention. Together, we can excel in the arena of digital photo editing, facilitating more productivity and flourishing business.

You can save the post-production cost, reduce turnaround time and get high-quality images if you outsource your images to FotoPixelz.


Struggling With Obscure Images? Let Us Help!

Are you dissatisfied with the quality of work from your current image editing vendor? Complex Images can become a pain, slowing the workflow. We offer expertise in handling intricate background removal for studios and brands, including:

  • Removing fur
  • Removing Fly away hairs
  • Eliminating purse chains
  • Eliminating challenging shadows
  • Removing jewelry

Save Your Precious Workflow Time With Background Removal Services

At FotoPixelz, we aim to provide you with your desired editing results ASAP. With AI support and expert professionals, we offer the fastest turnaround time in Industry. We offer a quick and accurate background removal service, reducing the overall time and providing quality images.


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FotoPixelz - Outsourced Image Editing Benefits

Cost-efficient outsourcing, exceptional support, and perfect results for thousands of images per day delivered within 24 hours or less by highly trained professionals.


The first 10 images are free

If you are a first time customer, your new account provides the first ten images for free. In this way we make it possible for you to test our service and all its features, no questions asked and no strings attached.


24h delivery or sooner

We recognize the importance of solving bottlenecks for our clients. All orders placed using our application are handled within 24 hours or sooner. This we guaranteed 24-7, all year round.


Enjoy great discounts

Special project or large volume? No hassle with our one-price-fits-all policy. Ask for a custom quote that fits your needs. Get in contact by filling out the contact form or feel free to give us a call.


Payment & invoicing

Our pay-as-you-go service has a wide variety of payment methods and the invoice is readily available. Special project or large volume? Get a customized quote and pay afterward.


Your data is secure

You can be sure that our systems are safe. Our specialists have set up the most secure environment to process your images and data. So don't worry, you are safe with us.


Unlimited capacity

Large scale image handling is what we do best. When demand peaks, capacity is scaled accordingly. Efficiency through automation is how we achieve most of our goals.

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Outsourcing the images to image editing service providers can be daunting and involve delays, misunderstanding, and frustration. Moreover, it is a creative work; thus, it requires clarity and patience both. You can avail our services for a stress-free result. You can ask all your queries from us related to the service we provide.

Generally, we can deliver images between 12-24 hours after receiving the images.For urgent requests, please specify when placing your order.

Well, we offer too many services to list here! Check out all our photo editing solutions.here

FotopPxelz are capable of handling large volumes of photos quickly and effectively.

Our experienced photo editors facilitate quick processing of bulk uploads. We are currently processing over 10,000 images daily.

FotoPixelz customers receive access to our help center, email support and a dedicated local account manager (for Enterprise customers).

We do not offer editing services for images that are not product-associated.